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18 Gangster Museum has trained, certified and charismatic tour guides who can take either small or large groups on immersive, experiential tours.

If you’re pushed for time, take our hour-long guided tour of the museum; if you want a fuller experience, book a walking, cycling and taxi tour and you’ll also get to know some of the ins and outs of Khayelitsha, the vibrant home of 18 Gangster Museum’s founders and the second biggest township in South Africa.

Please note that bookings must be made at least 24 hours in advance.


18 Gangster Museum Tour
18 Gangster Museum Tour

Tour fee: R90 p.p  (we accept card payments with Visa or Mastercard)
Tour duration:  45 – 60 minutes

Step inside the life of a gangster at 18 Gangster Museum and understand the terrible consequences of choosing this path with this interactive hour-long guided tour featuring an ex-offender and a replica prison cell.

This tour features:

  • Powerful imagery and portraits
  • The history of South African Gangs
  • Information about gang culture and the consequences of being part of a gang
  • Time spent inside the replica prison cell with ex-offenders telling their own story of gangsterism and prison
  • Memorabilia and archives
  • Local gang songs, chants, slang and handshakes
  • Help raise awareness to help fight gangs by having a one-day tattoo.
  • Audiovisuals displaying current situation in SA gangs
  • Keep R200 aside for 18 Gangster Museum merchandise (optional)
  • Q & A session

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18 Gangster Museum Township Tour
18 Gangster Museum Township Tour
18 Gangster Museum Township Tour

Tour fee: R450 pp Adult, R240 pp Children under 14 yrs
Tour duration: 3hrs ( Morning 09:00 – 12:00, Afternoon 13:30 – 15:30, Evening 16:00 – 18:30
Minimum Guests: 2

First Gangster Museum in Africa located Khayelitsha. Have you heard? Let’s meet here and give you depth history/current about Khayelitsha .Let the 18 Gangster Museum team host you and get to unpack the gang history and consequences and their learnings. Have you seen gangs transforming and contributing positively in shaping their society? Now it’s time!! 45 Minutes

Are you ready? The walk begins, take pictures, engage with community. How we greet in Xhosa “Molweni “

Chreache: We love children, we invest in them, These are our future leaders. Lets visit them at the younger age when at chreach .lets help them write,draw ,dance,cuddle and bond. Don’t get attached !! Its hard to leave smiley and happy faces of children. Lets rock an roll to the next stop !! 15 Minutes

Abalimi bezekhaya: ( Gardening) Get your hands dirty !! have you worked in garden bvefore?  Come connect with nature. Let’s work and get to hear from the woman who own the project and how is it helping the community. This is a local urban gardening project where the disadvantaged managed to create a garden that could help them to earn a living. This project helps the disadvantage to get food for themselves and sell the produce to various entities, they serve as suppliers to different entities what is also a positive is the sudden interest from world to buy organic food. They then becomes the perfect organisation to go to for organic products.20 Minutes

School: How the township schools operate? This school forms part of the new development in the community. The community did not have a school and the young used to commute far distances to go to school but now because of the introduction of this school students are able to get education with a short distance.  The school serves different communities that initially did not have a school and architectural design is modern and design to provide safety for the pupils.  5 Minutes

Catle kraal: One gets taken aback in the days where native South Africans used to live, a glimpse of a life that was once lived by those who now dwell in the urban areas. This kraal is one of few that do exist in the township making it a special place what also adds to its special character is how it manages to survive in an environment that is not considered as favourable for such project to survive. 20 Minutes

The clients also get to understand the deep cultural beliefs about this place and the significance it holds. It is a sacred place where the South African who still adheres to traditional cultural beliefs can connect with the ancestors; the visitors will get to understand the sacrosanct of the place.

AB’s Lounge: Taste African cuisine. Finger licking good !! Chat and eat. This is a restaurant that serves authentic African cuisine and dished that are unique to township.  AB’s Lounge  is a new restaurant but within that short space of time it has been able to win the hearts of the people because of the amazing food it is able to produces and the amazing service. 40 Minutes

This immersive walking tour will provide the client with a different perspective as to what the South African township look like as it provides reflection from those who stay in the township.  The aim is to make one feel one with the community through the activities and engagements with the friendly people from the Khayelitsha.

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18 Gangster Museum Tour Khyelitsha Tour
18 Gangster Museum Township Bicycle Tour

Tour fee: R750 pp (We accept card payments with Visa or Mastercard)
Tour duration: Half day

Incorporate a guided tour of the innovative 18 Gangster Museum with a walking, cycling and taxi tour taking in some of Khayelitsha’s highlights and points of interest for a fuller picture of life in Cape Town’s largest and most vibrant township.

This tour features:

  • 10- 20 minutes walking tour around the community of Makhaya.
  • Bicycle trip through the 2nd biggest township in South Africa
  • A visit to a reformed gangsters’ house
  • Conversation with an ex-gangster
  • A visit to Khayelitsha Mall and Espinaca, an innovative local healthy food enterprise
  • Insight into the overall history of Khayelitsha
  • Beautiful panoramic view of the township from Lookout Hill.
  • A taxi ride to Site C informal settlement c
  • Lunch at a fashionable local barbecue joint called Rands
  • An immersive tour of 18 Gangster Museum

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